The Burger Meat Riots

by T.W. Selvey

  1. I live in the organs of an urbanized body
  2. among the sinews and pickles on a bun,
  3. harvested from Ronald McDonald’s autopsy.
  4. On a pan, I ordered a trillion times a trillion
  5. hamburgers, plus a small chocolate shake.
  6. Your order number is infinity.
  7. The eternal to-go bag is overflowing.
  8. I could die under a hamburger avalanche.
  9. Ron sat there staring at me
  10. on the other end of the see-saw.
  11. Where are your entrails?
  12. I laughed, but he didn’t like that.
  13. Bereft of hamburgers,
  14. the playground children rallied,
  15. soiled and indignant.
  16. They plotted and established a guerilla faction.
  17. The sporting goods departments were raided,
  18. looted by unstoppable children.
  19. Unstoppably, violently adorable
  20. children.
  21. And there arose a pellet gun army,
  22. roused into battle by the likes of General Motors,
  23. the heavily decorated General Electric.
  24. Medals on the general’s chest
  25. are those light bulbs that come in strings.
  26. String them up on the back patio.
  27. They’re great for entertaining on those
  28. 10 beer can summer nights.
  29. You want one?
  30. Please, be my guest and grab
  31. a can from the cooler.
  32. While you’re at it,
  33. I’ll take 10.
  34. But, when you’re done,
  35. I’ll skin you alive.
  36. There are hungry little mouths to feed.
  37. And, when those little tummies get grumbling,
  38. It gets to me.
  39. Listen,
  40. those little bodies
  41. barely contain
  42. so much
  43. growing violence.

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