Other Strawberries

by Federica Santini

dead word-children of mine

singing yourselves a muddled

lullaby of crows and berries

inside your veiled cradle:

listen to the incoming rain

nod your small heads

in time with the pattern.

muddled word-children:

awake to this forest of sounds

know your wind and eat it

untangle the long leaf-braid

of wild clauses dispersed and

faintly poisoned with strawberries.

Born in Siena, Italy, Federica Santini lives in Atlanta, Georgia and teaches in the Italian Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies programs at Kennesaw State University. A literary critic, poet, and translator, her work has appeared in over twenty journals in North America and Europe, including Autografo, The Ocotillo Review, JIT, il verri, and Snapdragon among others.