Ornias by Jaime Seno

But before him, she was

            Some boy maybe named George

Reaching    Grabbing

Blind men

Come by each night

Because they have not seen me

Rise up    Choke up

Dressed up in billowing shirts

And capsized sleeves

            How do you see me

When I walk through stone gates


With spiders and cicadas

Growing wider with blank roots

Are you old enough to know that

When I suck               

            Your thumb

            It’s the temple    

Do you fancy?

Did you know it

That I’ve only ever been

Half my mother

And half yours.

They both watch over

As you wet your bed.

Is this                                                                         

            Your home

And is it mine?                                                                                                                      [Your] Tidal island

Which card is the queen?

An angel off the roof

Gripping fingernails

Getting fucked

Did I take enough?

What bit me last night?

I felt a prick then it stung.

Jaime Seno is an emerging writer with a degree in English literature from CUNY Baruch College. Since graduating she has been travelling and working on her poetry. She recently moved to Chicago and has been previously published in the Raw Art Review.