Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

Like the arrival of a tornado after a hurricane, the second part of 2020 seemed to bring a second wave of devastation cracking down across the world’s already bent back.

Which is why we aren’t going to mention any of it here in this letter. Instead, we’d like to turn our faces toward the sun, stand quietly for a moment, and enjoy the warmth.

Regardless of the partitions carved between us, regardless of the pain and horror bristling like the spines of some horrible monster across every TV screen of every day, there is hope on the horizon:

We have vaccines rolling out across the nation. We have new leadership devoted to unity, not hate, within the Capital. We have each other. And we have, of course, stories to embrace us through the long night.

Issue III of Ember Chasm proved to be both the biggest challenge, and the biggest accomplishment of this review yet. Clocking in at nearly two hundred pages, and featuring the talented winners of the first ever Ember Chasm fiction and poetry contests, this edition could almost be considered a book, not a magazine.

The stories beyond this letter moved mountains within our hearts, yanked us down into deep, cool caverns of the human experience that we hadn’t explored before, and yet we were glad we had—a drug-fueled party that lingers in memory like a flared flame, a romance featuring an alien and an octopus, a brutal embrace in a parking lot, wintry nights and rats, and so much more. We hope you enjoy reading the stories within this issue as much as we did, and thank you, endlessly, for bearing with us as we continue to overcome life’s hurdles. Our futures—yours, ours, and Ember Chasm‘s—are burning bright and hot with hope. We’ll reach out for your hand again soon.

Sincerely, Miranda & Nathan