Issue Two Letter from the Editors

To Our Readers,

Publishing an issue during a pandemic is weird. Reading submissions while protests and revolutions are occurring is weird. Formatting pages and editing manuscripts while attending online graduations and Skyping with family members for holidays is weird. We see art as a way to work through the weirdness, through the sadness, through the anger. And we hope these poems, stories, and images can allow you to work through anything you are experiencing as well. We created this issue in a time of many tears, shot glasses, fights, apologies, laughs, wine glasses, and thanks. But we did it. We got through it. And you will too.

With this issue, we recognized a trend of absurdity in our selections. These pieces take existence and paint it as the monstrosity it often is. Sometimes, we are Gregor Samsa, sometimes we must adapt to being an insect. However, we are also the protagonist; we are the ones undergoing change. Life is a mixture of horror and inanity but there is also light, there is joy, there is art. These pieces showcase that duplicity. In issue two, we hope you find a place to hold hands with your despair and dance with hope. Issue two, above all, has given us hope. We have much to look forward to: both with Ember Chasm and with ourselves. There are many corners, caves, and crevices to still be explored and we are venturing to them unflinchingly. But we couldn’t embark on those journeys without you, our readers. As we head towards issue three, we want to thank you for coming with us. For strapping your seat belt and cranking up the radio. We are excited to see where the future takes us.

Warm Regards,

Miranda & Nathan