Game Plan

by Amy Lerman

  1. What will you do
  2. when your leg starts sprouting
  3. layers and layers of green
  4. fettuccini, so long they will teem
  5. over the compression sock’s edge,
  6. remind you of your sister’s Dolly
  7. Surprise, its power to grow a ponytail
  8. with a raised right arm? Will you
  9. align your elbow to waist,
  10. then superglue palm against hip to halt
  11. the flowering? Will you sneak shave, flush
  12. away the green before your wife’s Ambien
  13. wears off, before she tells you
  14. to hurry, she needs to shit, before she calls
  15. you a human Chia? Or, will you ask
  16. for the scissors, ease the strands
  17. into the boiling water, and begin
  18. to sauté the garlic?

Amy Lerman was born and raised on Miami Beach, moved to the Midwest for many years, and now lives with her husband and very spoiled cats in the Arizona desert, where she is residential English faculty at Mesa Community College. She received her Master’s and Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Kansas, and her poems have appeared in Rattle, Smartish Place, Common Ground Review, Prime Number, Solstice, and other publications.