Flight Path by K. Riley

I am the hive and the hideaway.
My heavy heart pumps thick-crimson blood
and is barred in by wooden bones. My veins
appear in violets. I carry years
spent in the sun unloading living rays
onto my shoulder blades and that’s how
I’ve come to understand my more
fiery shades. I am my sepia bruises
and my fuchsia scars. I am
the amethyst galaxy and amber stars.

I am the waning and the waxing.
I am the heavy darkness and the light
that bears it. I am my own God. I
am the infinity of space and all
of its nothingness. I am the bee
and the keeper. I am a small crack
in the blank of the space-time continuum,
and by the time I am done growing –
our planet will soar ablaze
through the blackhole of me,
and the flames will buzz my name
in honeyed tones.

K. Riley is from Houston, Texas. They studied creative writing and literature at Stephen F. Austin State University. Their works can be found on Matthew Lippman’s website LOVE’S EXECUTIVE ORDER and in SFA’s literary magazine, HUMID.