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Saint Maud: A Cinematic Marriage of Heaven and Hell

reviewed by Kylee Webb

With a blend of eroticism and repulsion, possession and madness, Rose Glass sires one of the richest films in recent horror history.

At this point, it is incontestable: A24 is currently dominating horror. Yes, the plucky art-film studio is perhaps surpassing Blumhouse with its terror prowess. Saint Maud deftly follows the steps of horror giants within A24’s pantheon like Midsommar, Hereditary, and The VVitch to name a few. The cinematic debut of. . .READ MORE.

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Promising Young Woman: The Most Holistic Film of the #MeToo Era

reviewed by Kylee Webb

With the genius portrayal of Cassie Thomas by Carey Mulligan, Promising Young Woman readily proves itself as the sharpest film of this awards season.

If you ever wanted every single question answered about the nature of American culture when it comes to the issue of sexual assault, then look no further than Emerald Fennell’s astonishing debut. . .READ MORE.