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Five Ways to Create a Complex Character

Being alive is weird. It comes with emotions, experiences, societal placements, and upbringings. We each have different cultures, hobbies, belief systems, identities, and ideologies that are a part of who we are. Instead of simply existing as gelatinous balls of flesh, humans contain multitudes.  Characters in narrative should be the same way.  One of theContinue Reading

eight ways to be a better writer

Eight Tips to Be a Better Writer

You’re here because you want to write. You want to write good things. Things that resonate. Things that matter. But to do that, you have to write them. And writing’s hard—don’t worry, we feel the same way.  It’s why we’ve compiled eight tips to help broaden your knowledge of the craft, and make writing thatContinue Reading

3 Ways The Last of Us Can Improve Your Writing

Videogames tell stories—unique stories, ones that are far more interactive than films or books, and that have the potential to take you through some truly heart-wrenching narrative experiences. The Last of Us is one such experience. Actually, it’s arguably the experience. With over 200 award wins and nominations, The Last of Us holds the podiumContinue Reading