Editing Services

“The first draft is black and white. Editing gives the story color.”

-Emma Hill

Welcome to our editing services! Here, our editors will devote considerable effort and time to revising your short story, flash fiction, novel chapter, or group of poems. We’ll shine a light on grammar errors, sit you down with a cup of coffee and gently break the news on broken plot lines, character inconsistencies, thematic & metaphorical voids, stale dialogue, unclear descriptions, and about a thousand other storytelling concepts—then we’ll offer you suggestions on how to fix them. In short, we’ll tailor your work until it’s the literary equivalent of red-carpet ready.

For fiction, we offer three distinct packages to accommodate any level of revision needs; for poetry, we offer one base package that includes both line and concept feedback. While these services are separate from an issue or contest submission, you can add an editing package to a submission on our “Submissions” page.

Bear in mind that editing contains a certain degree of opinion: while we have a strong understanding of the cogs that make up a “good” story, we may also suggest a change that another editor wouldn’t, or that you may not agree with. We recommend that, as the writer, you decide which of our suggestions will supplement your specific creative vision and which to disregard. Because of this degree of subjectivity, we can’t offer refunds for editing services. If, however, you are unsatisfied with any of our services, we’ll do everything we can to change that. Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your work!

If you have any questions, or would like us to consider revising a larger project, shoot us an email at staff@emberchasmreview.com.


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