Running a literary review is an expensive endeavor. Website maintenance, banking and Submittable fees, photography shoots, and a slew of other costs eat up our (extremely) limited budget, yet are necessary for us to keep the lights on. And Ember Chasm isn’t supported by an institution; we’re ran by a collection of literary vagabonds—students, teachers, minimum-wage laborers, all united by our love for sharing good art. Because that’s what we’re about: illuminating the under-privileged, the hidden, the outcasted, stories. We lock none of it behind a subscription, either. All our online issues are free, as they should be.

With that in mind, donations aren’t required—although they help immensely. Your support helps offset the operating costs of Ember Chasm, allows us to do cool new things, and stokes the ever-cooling embers of free and moving stories, art, and literacy available in our world. By donating, we’ll etch your name onto our donor thank-you page, the Wall of Flame, for eternity. Thank you all. You keep our dream kindled.